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Grapevine Local is your hyper local, online, market square.

Community is the foundation upon which society flourishes, and it was on this principle that we’ve launched Grapevine Local.

Our free-to-use apps provide the online space and tools for local businesses and residents to support each other, for their mutual benefit.

What we’re offering:

  • Grapevine Local will recruit and support local businesses – connecting them with their local communities
  • Local businesses can easily (and for free) promote their products and services to their local customers (and beyond) by setting up their own shopping pages – have a look here at what you could be doing
  • They can then easily talk to local customers by setting up a social group, again for free
  • Local people will then be kept up to date with all the new offers, events, and news so they can readily support their favourite local businesses
  • Social media on Grapevine Local will mean just that – posting will become a positive activity, between trustworthy local businesses and their customers (and their family and friends).

You can find out what one of our customers is saying about being on Grapevine Local here

Our ambition is to provide the service to every local community in the UK. We’ve launched in Devon, Cornwall and the Chilterns and will include the whole of the southern half of the country in the next few months. If you would like to get access to Grapevine Local where you live/work then please do contact us and we’ll try and include your region next.

We’re here to help you make your local community stronger, healthier and happier. We want everyone to work with us in the same positive spirit, so we have put together a short set of ‘house rules’ which we ask you to read.

All our members/users need to comply with Grapevine Local’s Terms of Use along with this brief summary of our ‘house rules’:

  • You are wholly responsible for any content you post, including content that you choose to share.
  • We will remove, in whole or in part, any posts which we feel are inappropriate.
  • We will remove any member/user whose posts we believe are:
  • Abusive, derogatory, provocative and/ or obscene
  • Graphic, sensitive or offensive imagery
  • Deceptive or misleading
  • A violation of any intellectual property rights, law and/or regulation

Social media on Grapevine Local should mean just that – posting should be a positive and sociable activity between trusted local businesses, their customers and their family and friends

Our stated aim is to help local communities thrive. We want to encourage local businesses and residents to join so that they can support each other.


So, to encourage as many people as possible, we made the decision that joining and participating Grapevine Local will be free to all.


We do have several additional products and services lined up that will provide us with a revenue stream – our Smart Media Centre, providing safe, online access to thousands of newspapers and magazines, is one example. If you’re a healthcare or hospitality business, or you think your customers would benefit from dipping into one of their favourite titles on their phone or tablet, then take a look here:



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